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I've been feeling like cutting myself again lately.
-Anonymous, May 22, 2019

Please do something. PAME rots in prison while the actual people who committed the murder are out. IT's not fair! She probably did commit a crime but that crime was pedophilia, not MURDER!
-FREE PAME, May 22, 2019

There ought to be a law against making laws.
-Case Closed!, May 20, 2019

Dear Governor Sununu:

I supported the Petition for Clemency for Pamela Smart when it was submitted last year and was then resubmitted recently. I understand that there will be discussion of it May 15 at the Executive Council. This brief note is to confirm my support and to again ask that you and the Executive Council grant her a hearing and the relief she requests

Based upon her almost 3 decades of substantial accomplishments while in prison, her affirmative contributions to the prison community, her non-violence, and the potential benefits to the outside community if released, please show compassion in your decision and in recognition that those who shot Greg Smart are now all paroled.

Thank you for your consideration.
-Anonymous, May 16, 2019

-Anonymous, May 15, 2019

It's a photo from a listing in beautify Bethany!
-Charming is my Middle Name, May 15, 2019

What an adorable horribly sweltering attic work out room! Charming, very charming!
-Anonymous, May 11, 2019

-Anonymous, May 10, 2019

-sniffer, May 1, 2019

People are sp insecure, and go strait too slashing.
-Anonymous, April 28, 2019

I've just slashed the main line and ambulance is coming.
-Anonymous, April 28, 2019

All of their walls.. they area all falling out! I cunt believe this.
-Anonymous, April 28, 2019

I'm actually am cutting myself NOW
-Anonymous, April 28, 2019

That PameWire sight is nothing but broken lynx! I did enjoy the notorious "bikini photo" tho.
-John H. Sununu, April 27, 2019

-Billy Flynn, April 27, 2019

Whatever happened to PAMEWIRE?
-Anonymous, April 24, 2019

I've been thinking about cutting myself again lately.
-Anonymous, April 24, 2019

-Anonymous, April 15, 2019

I heard that Peir Dominguez' colon came out during a fisting episode.
-Anonymous, April 14, 2019

Sharon Taint would be a funny name for a drag queen.
-Anonymous, April 2, 2019

ICATHARSIS.COM has been banned by United Airlines!

-Anonymous, April 2, 2019

Do you know what I like the most? Cake Farts.
-Anonymous, March 31, 2019

My walls fell out after a weekend of feltching.
-Anonymous, March 26, 2019

I get first dibs on the drag name "Krustie Alley"
-Anonymous, March 19, 2019

I heard that noodahs und is alive and well in the deep web. Won’t somebody help me find the portal please?? I want to be loved to death.
-Anonymous, March 19, 2019

Surely NH must have been in the top 5.
-Anonymous, March 18, 2019

According to a 2009 Gallup poll, Oregon was paired with Vermont as the two "least religious" states in the United States.
-Anonymous, March 15, 2019